Games have been a significant part of my life ever since I was a child. When I first began playing, I remember the starstruck awe at this newfound ability to control and experience such vivid worlds and characters. And from Super Mario World to Life Is Strange, I can still feel that awe welling up in me today. But as I grew, the construction and intent behind games became my focus over just playing them. I would pour through guides, draw maps, and try to piece together why each game was built the way it was. I wanted to find something more in those games, methods of design that I could only see from the outside. During my high school years in Indiana, I quickly grew attached to game development as a long term career. I wrote various analyses on the design of games, and started building my own paper prototypes. I also pursued creative writing and ink focused artwork.


When high school came to a close, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Washington, graduating in the spring of 2017. During my time there, I was a designer and developer on multiple projects, both on teams and for individual games. Within a semester, I knew that I had found exactly what I was always looking for- a way to indulge my love for games as well as an outlet for my creative passion. When DigiPen had finally closed, I had designed and released five team projects, as well as several solo outings including point-and-click adventures, tabletop RPG campaigns, and analog puzzles.

As a designer, I specialize in level design, UI/UX design, and mobile developement. I've worked on a variety of professional projects, with studios including Venn Interactive Inc., Sensible Object, and Epic Team Adventures.


As a developer, I've had the opportunity to work on many of different platforms and projects that push the boundaries of what games can be. As a designer, I love building new experiences and finding the jewel in every game that my players are seeking.

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